In Memory Of

It is with very heavy hearts we mourn the loss of our 19 brothers from the Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew. We pray for their families, friends and co-workers left behind that they may find comfort in each other and comfort in knowing they left this earth doing what they loved and that you are not alone. They are called “Heroes” by everyone, however as with any true hero, if you asked them, they would just say “I’m not a hero, I am doing my job.” The job they love, and this is what makes them true heroes.

We at Infinity Fire Communications worked with this crew on the Thompson Ridge Fire just a few weeks before their final assignment. These men are as professional and dedicated as they come. We will always remember them as well as those brothers and sisters lost before them. We will continue to learn from those we have lost and strive to never lose another, but we as firefighter know the risks, and we know unfortunately we will lose others in the future. May we never lose sight of our mission or our families and our responsibility to come home from every call.

May God Bless those who protect others, and bless their families that they may find comfort in knowing they love them.

Thank you my Brothers 19, May you Rest in Peace.

Andrew Ashcraft – Age: 29
Robert Caldwell – Age: 23
Travis Carter – Age: 31
Dustin Deford – Age: 24
Christopher MacKenzie – Age: 30
Eric Marsh – Age: 43
Grant McKee – Age: 21
Sean Misner – Age: 26
Scott Norris – Age: 28
Wade Parker – Age: 22
John Percin – Age: 24
Anthony Rose – Age: 23
Jesse Steed – Age: 36
Joe Thurston – Age: 32
Travis Turbyfill – Age: 27
William Warneke – Age: 25
Clayton Whitted – Age: 28
Kevin Woyjeck – Age: 21
Garret Zuppiger – Age: 27

Cartoon Credit to Randy Bish, Political Cartoonist

~We will not forget those who came before us and those we have lost along the way while protecting and serving others.~

Thank you to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation for their continue support of our Wildland Firefighters families and for helping us to “Always Remember” those we have lost.