Hey, we’re good, but we’re not that good.

Please keep your hands, arms, legs and RADIOs out of the chippers!

Why should I get my radio serviced annually?

This is the AW or antenna coil that the solder had broken away from the antenna connector. It was found during an annual service, in a radio that was being used on fires just months before. The chief decided to have annual service done to all 4 of their BK radios.

This is what we found.

At very best, this radio was transmitting and receiving less than half of its potential ability.

What are good communications worth to you and your crews?

This is another of the 4 radios. This radio was also being used on fires just a few months before. This antenna connector had been spun out a few turns then screwed back in and forgotten about. This will severely decrease the ability of the radio to transmit and receive and may alter the frequency that is being transmitted. If you don’t come to us, please get it to a qualified RELM/BK service center.

Why should I get my radio service at a RELM/BK Radio Authorized Service Center?

The BK Radio has been engineered to Transmit and Receive correctly when all components are properly installed and the designated parts are used.

These three example were all from the same department and were being used as their primary structural and wildland communications equipment. There were 4 more just like these.

The department was complaining of poor transmissions, low Tx volume and poor receive quality.

All three had been serviced and repaired by the same radio shop in their area.  All three had the antenna connector spun-out of the housing causing damage to the AW Coil (the little copper coil).  This coil “IS” a major part of the radios antenna. It is where the RF (Radio Frequency) signal enters and exits the radio.  It was engineered to to be a specific size and shape to help filter and maintain the RF signals.  As well the solder points and coil needs to have clearance between other parts.

Not all service centers have factory parts in stock.  We at IFC Radios use only parts direct from the factory and install them to manufacturers specifications.

You can go to the RELM web site to find an authorized service center near you.

Find a Service Center Near You

Our shop is always open to customers to watch us repair your equipment.  We have nothing to hide and feel you should understand how your radio works.

Obviously if this would be hard to do if you mail us your radio to repair, so we also bag and return all old parts that have been replaced and if unusual damage is found we will take pictures of it for you to see why your equipment was not working correctly.  And, Your invoice will have a complete description of all repairs done.

Will your current shop do that?

If you are wondering what a “Proper” repair should look like, here is a radio repaired by our technician using RELM/BK factory parts.

Does your KNG-P or PS model radio need service or repairs?


Infinity Fire Communications LLC strives for complete service for all RELM/BK Radio products. We work hard to perform over 95% of all repairs in house to help reduce your cost and speed the return time of your equipment. There are still some repairs that can only be completed at the factory.



Staying with our goals, we are now RELM Factory Authorized to perform Warranty and Non-Warranty repairs and maintenance on ALL KNG Portable radio models.


Our technicians have been through RELM factory training on the KNG model lines and all needed specialize service equipment and tools are located in our shop to be able to properly perform repairs. This gives us the ability to re-seal, test and re-certify your KNG model radio so that it will continue to meet the stringent IP-67 rating.


Please see the pricing below.

Below is our basic service price structure. You can request an **Estimate on your radio repairs at the bottom of the page. You can print our Fill-able Repair Order Form or Print our the PDF version. Include 1 completed form with every radio sent in for service.

Repair Order Form -PDF Repair Order Form -Fill-able PDF

Thank You to Chief Coil and our friends at Sedona FD for your help with rebuilding our Fill-able PDF form.

“Where can I find my radio Model and Serial Number?”

Look at the back panel. If that is unreadable you can find the SN by pulling off the battery and looking in the grove of the battery mount plate.

In-Shop Services

Minimum Bench Rate Charge -Diagnostic check of equipment only
Please contact for pricing.

Service Rates per Hour -Initial Charge * Does not include KNG-P & PS model radios*
Please contact for pricing.

Service over 60 Minutes will be charged to the nearest quarter hour, at a rate of $20.00 per 1/4 hour.

KNG-P & PS Series
Please contact for pricing.

*1 hour minimum. Includes internal inspection, Repair and factory qualified leak test to maintain IP67 rating.*

Annual Service Rate

All Annual Services Includes: Visual inspection and cleaning of outer case. Visual inspection and cleaning of internal circuit boards, parts, solders and components. Bench Test –Check and adjust to factory Specifications.

DPH/GPH Series Radios Please contact for pricing.
EPH/LPH Series Radios Please contact for pricing.
KNG-P & PS Series Please contact for pricing.

*Does not include internal inspection, see KNG repair rate for radios that need repair.*

Mobiles -Internal Inspect performed only when needed
DMH/GMH Series Radios Please contact for pricing.
KNG-Mobiles Please contact for pricing.

Mobiles In Vehicle
This service is for testing and tuning of the radio. -No internal inspection will be done. ~Other charges may apply~

Parts, sales tax, shipping/handling and services over 30 minutes extra. *Services over 30 minutes will be applied at quarter hour rate.

If price exceeds $50 over annual service fee, prior authorization will be required prior to repairs being completed.

Flat Service Rates –For common repairs

**Combinations of Flat Services will be adjusted depending on the combinations. e.g. If you need you antenna coil repaired and you have a bad switch boot, you will only be charged the cost of the extra parts and the extra time at 1/4 hour rate, however in most cases parts only.

Replace PTT Button

(IFC-P-PTT01) Please contact for pricing.
Includes Parts PTT Boot, Actuator Plate, Switch Dome, visual inspection of all radio components (PTT housing and Gasket addition charge if needed).

~If your radio looks like this; You will need a Full PTT replacement.

(IFC-P-PTT02) $30.00
Includes Rubber PTT Boot only and visual inspection of all radio components.

~If your radio looks like this; We can replace just the rubber boot. Unless there is further unseen damage to the assembly.

Replace Switch Boot

(IFC-P-SB) Please contact for pricing.
Includes silicon switch boot and visual inspection of all radio components (If needed replace RF Conn Nut N/C).

~If your switch boot has any torn parts like this one, we highly recommend replacing it. Water and dust can quickly enter the radio causing severe or catastrophic damage. It’s a cheap fix versus the possible option of having to replace the radio.

“Did you unscrew your antenna and the whole base came out of the radio?”

Replace Antenna Coil and Capacitor

(IFC-P-ACR) Please contact for pricing.
Includes BK Copper AW Antenna Coil and BK Capacitor, visual inspection of all radio components, (If needed replace RF Conn Nut N/C).

~If you tried to remove your antenna and the mounting base begins to unscrew, you have done damage to your radio.

Even if you only turn it less than a 1/4 turn, you may have broken the resistor.

This will decrease the radios ability to transmit and receive to its full potential.

Replace Blown Fuse

(IFC-P-FUSE) Please contact for pricing.
Includes new BK fuse and visual inspection of all radio components.

Replace Speaker Microphone Plug

(IFC-R-SPKMIC) Please contact for pricing.
Includes new BK LAA0602 side port connector with Audio pin.

Don’t throw out your old BK speaker mic just because the plug is broken. Fix it for a fraction of the cost for a new one.

Check out our custom IFC-SMART 1© series adapters that can be installed on your current broken speaker mic.

“Yes, we’ll come to you!”

On-Site Service and Repairs

Please contact 480-788-5070 for onsite service and repair pricing.

Overnight fees may apply if distance over 150 miles. Contact us for more information and cost.

~Distances and scheduling may be limited for some services~

All Appropriate Sales tax will be added for parts used.

We use all new RELM/BK Radio OEM parts for repairs *unless other options are specified. We will not repair with used parts without your knowledge and consent. We do not use aftermarket parts for our radio repairs. It is an important commitment to us that we use ONLY RELM/ BK Radio products.

Mobile Radio Installation

(IFC-IN-MRD) Mobile Radio Dash Mount
Please contact for pricing and availability.

(IFC-IN-MRR) Mobile Radio Remote Mount
Please contact for pricing and availability.

Mobile Radio Un-install

Please contact for pricing and availability.

Please contact for pricing and availability.

Where possible, all wiring will be kept complete for future re-installation, use or re-sale of equipment.

Base Station Installation
Please contact for pricing and availability.

*On-Site charges may apply and are in addition to service charge.

Programming –Computer and Clone

IFC Purchased Equipment

No Charge for programming of equipment purchased from Infinity Fire Communications LLC.

In Shop- Flat Rate

(IFC-P-002) $50.00 -Build a Custom Channel Plan and Program up to 3 Groups/Zones (48 channels) per radio model up to 10 radios.
(IFC-P-003) $1.00 per additional radio (over 10 radios)
(IFC-P-004) $1.00 per additional channel. (over 48 channels)

We offer On-Site or At Your Location -Hourly Rate

Please contact for pricing and availability.


We will return ship your equipment via best value price (Unless otherwise specified) via USPS, UPS or FedEx. Shipping and handling charges will be applied to your quote for service.

What if my radio is not repairable?

If it is determined that your radio is not repairable or the cost to repair is beyond the value of your radio we will offer to you a few options:

  1. We will return your radio to you. You will be charged $30.00 minimum bench rate plus the cost for shipping, approx. $6.00 to $15.00.

  2. We will keep the radio in its unusable/un-repairable condition and credit the $30.00 minimum bench rate towards the purchase of any new RELM/BK Radio model. This will be in addition to any discounts or sale pricing. (This does not include radios that have been crushed or run through a wood chipper). This offer good for 1 year from date of service. Case must be intact and usable.
  3. We will offer to keep the radio in its unusable/un-repairable condition and not charge the $30.00 minimum shop rate. The radio will be used for parts or disposed of properly. We will never resale a radio deemed unrepairable. (This includes radios that have been crushed or run through a wood chipper)

In the event a radio “in parts form” is deemed not worth the value in parts, it will be returned to you and all appropriate charges will apply.

*Used parts may be available at a reduced cost. Please understand these are “Non-Critical” Parts and deemed to be in working condition, but they are “Used” so we cannot guarantee them fully.

We will not repair with used parts without your knowledge and consent.

***Pricing listed are subject to change without notice. ***

Please contact us for current and up to date pricing.

Request an Estimate for Repairs

***This is an Estimate of what your service charge “may be” and NOT an actual quote of services.  A full quote will be provided when we receive the radio and determine what the issues are with your equipment.


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