Bolle Safety Glasses- CONTOUR II

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  • Part #40044 (Clear)
  • Safety glasses with clear lenses are essential indoors.
  • Bollé Safety clear lenses provide 90% light transmission.
  • Is compatible with the PLATINUM anti-fog coating.


  • Part #40045 (Smoke)
  • Filters UVA and UVB (99.99%).
  • Compatible with our exclusive double-sided PLATINUM anti-fog and anti-scratch coating.


  • Part #40046 (Amber)
  • Recommended for low light environments, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Increases contrast, particularly useful for night driving.
  • Filters out harmful blue light.


  • Part #40047 (Copper Flash)
  • 1 colour, 2 uses – indoor & outdoor.
  • Provides optimal visible light transmission (over 60%).
  • Reduces glare and reflections when moving from a dark to well-lit environment.
  • Filters out noxious blue light.


  • Part #40048 (Polarized)
  • Improves colour perception and visual comfort.
  • Improves perception of contrast and depth.
  • Reduces eye strain.


  • Part #PSSCONT-C10 (Copper)
  • Ideal for all activities requiring exposure to alternating high and low light.
  • Adapted to environments with extreme temperatures.
  • Blue light filtration and combination with the exclusive PLATINUM anti-fog coating.




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